can i get faster shipping?

Yes. Any prepainted order of over $100 in merchandise, gets upgraded to express shipping, on the house.
Express shipping is normally 7-10 days.

The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don’t need any rules.
— Gary Gygax


Painting instructions, not order size, affect time to completion
If instructions are short, sweet, and take up only 1-2 pages/screens, the job will be done quickly. 

If it takes more than that, it will take longer. 
If you go over 4 pages/screens, you probably need a higher service level than we offer.  


Can you match an existing army?

Yes. Just let us know what colors you used. For a perfect match (of colors and of painting styles) please send us a painted sample for us to look at. Photos are not great because they never show the correct colors and you will likely get back something mismatching (or if we're having a bad day, something bizarre).

What if I don't like the painting?

You like it, or you get your money back. If a painting service does not offer this, then it is not professional in any way that matters.

When we finish a project, we will send you extensive review images to look over so that you can check to see if the work is what you wanted and done to your satisfaction. Here is where we ask you for your feedback on any fixes or changes that need to be made, and we go ahead and make them, and send you new review images to judge.

Once you're happy with the work, we will ship it to you.

If however we find that we are unable to give you what you need, or you feel that our work just isn't what you though it was, you can ask for your money back. We will refund the painting fees you have paid minus any purchasing and shipping costs, and return back the minis to you (after they have been paint stripped).

What paints do you use?

Vallejo, P3, Games Workshop, and Daler Rowney.

Can I tell you what paints I want you to use?


Can I tell you what painting style to use?

As long as we can match it! Here a sample mini being sent over as well is essential.

Do you clean flash and assemble as well?

Yes. And it's free.

Can I send you painted figures, to strip and repaint?

Yes. Stripping is a free service, as long as you are hiring us to do the repainting :) .