I need ready-painted reaper minis

We have a store for that! And they cost less than if commissioned.

i need some RPG painting done 

Please let me know (see bottom):

- What minis you'd like painted
-  how many minis there are of each type (if relevant) 

- Important: We CANNOT buy Reaper minis for commissions.
The supply is a bit messy: I cannot guarantee when or if the minis will come in, or track the process. This is unacceptable for us and (once you try it) for you. 

- Also Important: RPG Customization is VERY limited. We either need pictures to match (one per mini) or creative license to decide the schemes ourselves. 

I need just one mini I need painted.

Sorry, we do not do single mini orders. 
Heroforge plastics are quite fragile. We will only accept Heroforge if it is agreed that we won't be held liable for any damage the miniature(s) sustain. 


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