Paintedfigs Miniature Painting Service.JPG

Got the minis, LOVE the finished result, will definitely use you again if I need more things painted. :)
Also, loved the packaging.

Helge Jordal

Gallery: Bloodbowl

Just to let you know that I have received them finally and all is perfect. Many many thanks for the excellent job once again.

Your painting are the best miniatures in my collection. Soon I will come back for another big project.

Harrys Valeras

Gallery: WH40K  

The minis arrived without a scratch!!!! Even the big AT-ST were spotless. Thanks for the great paint job and the superb packing.

Jordi Covas

Gallery: Star Wars Legion & Imperial Assault

They just came in today,

Only had a chance to go through a few of them at the time of writing but they look even better in person, thanks! I’m definitely reccomending you guys to anyone who is interested. 

Alecos Pravlis

Gallery:Star Wars Legion

Thank you! Everything arrived and no damage, looks great! 

Much appreciated :) 

Alex Aquila

Gallery: Age of Sigmar

The modes arrived yesterday afternoon in the mail. The pictures you sent did not do their quality any justice; they are breathtaking. I could not be happier, they are just outstanding. Many many compliments to the team and to you.

If there is any post-service survey you have I will take it! Any complaint I could’ve had is moot when compared to the end product.
Many more compliments, I am elated at the work that has been done.

Neco Edwards

Gallery: Forgeworld

Finally received the last box, and everything looks fantastic. I have already used the new minis in a couple of games. Thanks so much for the excellent work!

Garth Kane

Gallery: Age of Sigmar

The miniatures have arrived safe and sound and I’m really pleased with them. They look excellent all together. I can’t wait to get them on the table for a battle.

I’ll have another commission for you in a few weeks time, but for now thank you for an excellent job.

David Everitt

Gallery: Warhammer Fantasy

The minis arrived the other day and I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and your team.

The figures look awesome and beautifully packed.  You provide a great and well-priced service. 

Matt Hodgson

Gallery: Space Hulk

Hello. I'm writing to say that I received my figure and I just have to say they look even better in person. Once I receive my kickstarter exclusives...I'll be requesting your services again. Thank you. 

Joe Ruchalski

Gallery: Zombicide

The models look fantastic!  You guys work magic. 

David Klamm

Gallery: Blood Angels

I’d just like to say a huge thank you for the models you have provided. They have got here safe and sound. Absolutely love the painting and the packaging really well done.

Ben Hughes

Gallery: Grey Knight Paladins

I'm messaging you to let you know that the miniatures came in last Friday and they look absolutely fantastic.

It's great work as always and I'm very happy with how they turned out. The detail put into these is quite impressive and I've very happy with how the two damaged models where handled. 

The damage done to them wasn't even noticed by me at first as the paintjob covered it so well and in the case of the hellhound even served to detail a battle harden beast. Thank you again as always.

You guy's at PaintedFigs do great work. 

George Dunn

Gallery: Aliens vs Predator

I received both boxes.  Everything I sent to you arrived back to me. I am very happy with the painting and would like to say thanks.  I was honestly nervous through the entire process, having never worked with you or your company, but I am very impressed with your customer service and your painting.  I will definitely be reaching out to you in the future when I start my second army.

 Once again I am very happy with everything and I would like to leave you a nice review to say thank you and to help aid in your future business.

Jay LaRosa

Gallery: Orcs & Goblins

Fantastic, thank you so much.  Once again, cannot overstate how happy I am with the work, I received compliments all night with how high quality the paint job is and multiple requests to know who did it for me, which I happily provided your website!

Dan Sedman

Gallery: WH40K Deathguard

Wow! I am blown away. These models look fantastic! You guys are top notch. Your quality, price, packaging and customer service are awesome! I’ll let you know as soon as I have another project for you to quote. 

Rob Perkins

Gallery: Infinity

They look marvelous

Steve Fierens

Gallery: Reaper

I got the miniatures today. They're in perfect condition.

Mitchell Stewart

Gallery: Warhammer Fantasy

Everything looks fantastic and seems in good order!  Nice work on the magnetization; really above and beyond the call of duty there...

Jason Boss

Gallery: Age of Sigmar

I like them all! Excellent work

Anthony Lopez

Gallery: Various

They look fantastic and I’m looking forward to playing some games with them. I appreciate your fast replies to my emails and great customer service.

Rob Perkins

Gallery: Infinity

I got all of the Steel Legion and DE characters in the mail today! Extremely pleased by the results! You've done a fantastic job in every regard. Genuinely your best work yet in my opinion!

You should be very proud of such excellent service.  :) Thanks again!

Adam Selfridge

Gallery: Steel Legion and Dark Eldar

All arrived safe and sound (and QUICK). Thanks as always Navin.
The minis look great and fit with the rest perfectly
Cant wait to put them on the table!!!

Ben French

Gallery: Menoth

The packages arrived last week. They look great! Thank you for keeping the spoiler ones in their boxes. I'm sure they'll be great, too!

Anthony D'Mello

Gallery: Tokaido & Gloomhaven

Great news. Everything arrived, with plenty of time for me to do the final touches. And they look great. I don't think you charge enough!

Henry Cipolla

Gallery: Bloodletters Of Khorne