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Since 2005, my team of painters and builders have made us a leader in quality, service, and especially cost



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No one can match our quality levels at our prices. It's that simple. 
Assembly is free.
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Our Miniature Painting Service

  1. Contact us for a quote. We just need to know what minis you'd like painted, and how many of each type (and if any need purchasing).
    We'll get back to you with exact costing at each our quality levels. 

  2. Ship us your minis, once you’re happy with the pricing and we’ve gone over the art instructions with you. Please see our FAQ Shipping Section.

  3. Free assembly, flash-cleaning, and paint-stripping:  We don't expect these to be done by the client. If you don't have time to paint, you don't have time to prep. 

  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed: We do not ship until your painted figs meet your approval. Review images are sent to you, so any edits or corrections can be made.

Contact us for a quote!

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Navin Weeraratne, The Owner