Welcome to the world of Scythe

It is the 1920’s and the great war is over. As the ashes still darken the snow, Europa looks at healing itself- this is the world of Scythe.

A hauntingly beautiful setting created by the artist Jakub Rozalski and Stonemaier Games.


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Cthulhu Wars will be the war to end all sanity!

You don’t need dark magic to bring your Cthulhu Wars miniatures to life. Why not try a professional miniature painting service? The Elder Gods will be most pleased.

Cthulhu Wars is created by Sandy Petersen of Petersen Games- an award winning legend from the world of computer games, role play games and board gaming.


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Welcome to Gloomhaven!

Gloomhaven is one of the most talked about board games in recent times. Here are the six starting characters.

Paintedfigs Miniature Painitng Service 1.jpg
Paintedfigs Miniature Painitng Service 2.jpg
Paintedfigs Miniature Painitng Service 3.jpg
Paintedfigs Miniature Painitng Service 4.jpg
Paintedfigs Miniature Painitng Service 5.jpg
Paintedfigs Miniature Painitng Service 6.jpg

SPOILER WARNING- the following galleries show all the characters. Click here.

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Some Recent Miniature Painting - Shadowspear, Dungeons and Doggos, Fallout


We painted some of Games Workshop’s Shadowspear recently. Here’s how it turned out: :

Dungeons and Doggos

Steamforged’s Dungeons and Doggos was a hit with the painters. I got a set for my wife I now how to find time to get done… Here are shots of D&D dogs:


We’ve been doing a lot of Kickstarter game painting. We’ve a couple of sets of these come in.

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Shadowspear- For Order or Chaos?

Shadowspear from Warhammer 40k, recreates the vicious fighting on Nemendghast between the Ultramarines and the Black Legion.


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Happy Tales of Dungeons & Doggies

The bestest borks in all the land are on a mission to save the world. Here are some custom painted miniatures from Animal Adventures: Tales of Dungeons & Doggies.


You can find more pictures here.

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Beware the Blackstone Fortress!

The Blackstone Fortress- an ancient long forgotten creation, hides within the key to ultimate power.


You can see these Warhammer 40k painted figures here.

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Warhammer 40k Commission Painting

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Bloodbowl- no guts, no glory!

Bloodbowl is no place for the weak! Choose your team, pick a strategy and get ready to play ball!


For more Bloodbowl galleries click here.

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Pre-painted Ezren, Iconic Wizard

We recently restocked Ezren, Iconic Wizard! (RPR 89013 ).

We did him in these variants:

  • Red Clothing

  • Grey Clothing

  • Blue Clothing

You can check him out here.

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Pre-painted Darkrasp, Evil Priest

We recently restocked Darkrasp, Evil Priest! (RPR 77151).

We did him in these variants:

  • Brown Cloak

  • Grey Cloak

  • Red Cloak

You can check him out here.

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