How can I ship my figures safely to you?

Please mail us your minis by airmail registered post (NOT sea mail). It is quite safe (since 2005, we have never had a registered airmail package not reach us) and we have found it to average out to being the cheapest option for shipping.

Please DO NOT use DHL, FedEx, or UPS, as customs will detain any and all packages by them and the clearing charges are much, much higher as these services have their own clearing agents who honestly don't care how much it costs you.

The address to mail to is:

Navin Weeraratne
41 Pirivena Road
Mount Lavinia, 10370

Please ask about our US shipping hub as well, which may be cheaper to mail through. 

How should I pack my miniatures?

The key to safe shipping is minimizing space, and immobilizing. A larger box, paradoxically, is less safe for your minis than a smaller box. Because of this I strongly recommend removing any minis from their original packaging - these just take up space, forcing you to use a larger box.

When packing your minis, the key to safety is immobilizing. The outside world is far less dangerous to your minis than they are to each other. As long as you can pack them so that they cannot slosh around within the box, even fragile gnoblars can ride safely with landraiders.

This is especially the case if you are shipping metal minis. Immobilizing prevents them from behaving like shrapnel bouncing around in a tank. Do not use styrofoam peanuts for this, they behave like a fluid and let the metal bounce around anyway. Just use scrunched up newspaper.

Plastic Sprues

Remove the original box, and flatten it. The picture guide on the box is usually helpful, so including it at the bottom of your box is a good idea. Rubber band the sprues together, and they'll be fine.

Assembled Plastic Minis

If you are only shipping plastics and hardly any metal or other heavy minis at all, if you just put these into a plastic sandwich / ziploc bag they should be fine. If you are shipping a fair number of metal minis or any metal tanks or such, you must make sure you pad between the minis, and pack them so that they are immobilized.

The padding helps protect the plastic minis from the weight of the metal ones, this is really quite minor compared to the risk of metal bouncing around like shrapnel. Immobilizing is the key.

Unassembled Metal Minis

These are pretty indestructible. Just remove the parts or figs from their blisters and boxes and just stick them in plastic bags, the original box flattened and placed at the bottom of your package helps as a picture guide for your painter.

You do want to immobilize these if you can help it, just use newspaper.

Assembled Metal Minis

As with assembled plastic, exercise caution. If its a mini that's asking to break, you want to wrap it up, especially Infinity figures. If its good, sturdy, plastic, you may be able to just stick it in a plastic ziploc along with thirty others and they'll all make the trip fine... As always, try to immobilize.

What happens to my figures after I mail them?

They will arrive in Sri Lanka and probably be detained by customs. They will send us notification to clear the package, and then we head down there to pick them up. This used to be rather complicated and asinine, but now they know us pretty well and they are less asinine. 

When the package is cleared and in our hands, we will send you an email notification that your package has arrived in the studio.

Do you offer shipping insurance?

As long as we are sending by either EMS speed post or regular registered mail, we guarantee the safety of, at no extra charge:

  • Your minis (out of print figures not covered)
  • Your paint jobs
  • Your shipping fees for the ride back to you

In the unlikely event that your package goes missing, you will need to obtain proof from your nation's mail service that the registered package was lost.