What some of our customers have said:

The miniatures came in last week, and they look amazing! My friend loved his present, and I am even more impressed than I could have imagined. My compliments to you and your team!

All the best!

Joshua Tallent

Gallery: Scythe

I wanna thank you again Navin. I was a bit nervous sending all that away but you made everything extremely professional and always kept me updated which is unfortunately a rare thing these days. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Jared Benesch

Gallery: Age of Sigmar

Excellent, Navin. Thrilled to get them all done!


Cory MacDonald

Gallery: Talisman

Got my Orks in the mail today. I Love them! Fantastic job and excellent packaging too. Top notch service and quality for the money, I couldn’t be happier.


Rob Perkins

Gallery: Space Orks

Hi Navin!

They're jaw-dropping as expected, but my goodness your lads outdid themselves. Magnus looks better than White Dwarf quality. I can't wait to see what they do with Mortarion in the not-too-distant future. 

They're perfect, thank you so much.

Cameron Kirkpatrick

Gallery: Daemons

The fig are awesome ! Arriving in perfect condition. You're the best ! Get ready for next order ! People around me are going jealous, you might get new order pretty soon.

Thank you again for the wonderful service.

Fred Laruelle

Gallery: Orboros


My beautiful minis were waiting for me after work today. They were pieces of art, each one!

Colin Brinkley

Gallery: Dark Imperium

Good day Navin!

I have received the miniatures and they look fantastic, even better than they did in the pictures. Thank you so much for the outstanding work and service. I am absolutely thrilled with how these turned out. If I should ever need another miniature painted I know who to go to.

Thank you,

George Dunn

Gallery: AvP


The packages arrived yesterday. Your people did a great job!  I am really pleased.

If we can make it to Sri Lanka sometime, I'll buy your studio a round of beers.

Joshua Buchanan

Gallery: Adeptus Mechanicus

Hi Navin,

Both packages arrived today. Very happy with the painting job and as usual the miniatures arrived without a scratch thanks to the awesome packing.

Planning my next commission job for you guys.

Jordi Covas

Gallery: Imperial Assault


From where I am I've been unable to open the website which contains the
photos. However, I asked my wife to save a few pictures and send them to
me via email, and WOW! Nice work man. For that price, you certainly
cannot beat that quality. I also appreciate how close you stuck to the
instructions I sent. The attention to detail means a lot as far as
coming close to my vision.

Thanks Navin! I'm freaking stoked to get my army back!

Phillip Kunzig

Gallery: Eldar

Dear Navin,

The painted figure, Khael Stone Kindle, arrived yesterday in the mail.   Thank you very much!  I just wanted to let you know that this is the best painted miniature I have ever seen; the detail and shading are superb!  I look forward to browsing your other miniatures.

Don Jacoby

Gallery: D&D Store

Hey there Navin.

I got the Dark Souls, Knight, and part of the Orks Tuesday, and the rest of the Orks just came in today!

Anyway, I'm extremely pleased with the great quality work you've done on all of them! They look absolutely fantastic! Even better than in the pictures!

You've got the best quality for the price out there, no question. And trust me, I've looked.

Thanks again for the great service, and I genuinely look forward to more projects with you in the future.

Adam Selfridge

Gallery: WH40K

Hi Navin,

Thank you I got the miniatures back and they look fantastic my 4 year old daughter was helping me to unwrap and marvelling at how good each one was. You team really did do a fantastic job. 

Joseph Essex

Gallery: Endure the Stars and Zombicide


Hope all is well. Got the miniatures and they look great. We will definitely do this again!

Rob Radovich

Gallery: Various

Thanks again for the great work on everything that you've done for me so far; I sincerely appreciate it.  Between work and family my hobby time is close to non-existent and I know that I'd be staring at stacks of lead and never have the chance to actually play a game.  Kudos to you and your crew sir!

Chris Livingston

Gallery: Roman Fort

Good Morning Navin,

These look great, just the changes I was looking for.  Pack up the sets and send them on their way...when I get back I'll put together another set for you to quote out.  Thanks once again for the great service and excellent minis.

Have a great day,

Charles Ross

Gallery: Reaper & D&D

Minis received. They look great. Please tell the painter(s) excellent work.

Craig Olsen

Gallery: D&D

Dear Navin,

I've just finished unpacking and admiring all the minis freshly back from Sri Lanka!  You and your team have done a wonderful job with them, they all look stunning!  And your packing - I was absolutely amazed, only ONE figure suffered a tiny bit of damage (easily fixed).  Unbelievable!  

All around I'm very impressed, and hope to use your services again - and am referring friends.  

Great job and thanks a bunch!!

Matt Price

Gallery: Various

Hi Navin,

The parcel arrived—what an ingenious packing method!

Thank you for the excellent work and customer service. The buildings look outstanding.

-O.Shane Balloun

Gallery: Buildings

Hi Navin,

The package with the figures was delivered successfully to the Oklahoma City address, and I went and picked it up over the past weekend. I haven't unwrapped every figure -- I'll let the birthday girl have the excitement of that -- but the ones I did open were amazing!!

Thank you SO much for being so prompt and professional, and the work does indeed look exhibition quality. Her birthday is July 10 and I will probably surprise her with them around then. I'll follow up if we have any questions or fun pictures of the unboxing.

If we or anyone we know is ever looking to paint more figures in the future, I will absolutely point them your way.

Thanks again,

-Nate Mallory

Gallery: Doom

Hey Navin!

The minis just came in and they look incredible! People have previously commented that pictures don't do the work justice, and they're absolutely right. I showed my roommate (who doesn't share the same interest as me in tabletop games) and his response was, "Wow! I can see why you spent as much as you did on them".

-Wil Kelly

Gallery: Various

Hi Navin,

Package has arrived, mini is in great condition and well painted. Quick shipping too really good review. Will deffinately use ur business to buy more mini or send my own for you to paint. 


-Jake Masonwells

Gallery: D&D Store

I got the models in the mail today and all I can say is that I am blown away by the quality. This is the best paint job I've ever seen and I would like to thank you for the work you have done. Expect to hear from me soon for more work.

Thanks again

-Michael Hazy

Gallery: Michael Hazy - Age of Sigmar

Hi Navin,

The figures arrived safe and sound.

Wonderful work, excellent packaging… thank you so much once again


-Steve Fawkner

Gallery: Steve Fawkner, Super Dungeon Explore


when I came home this evening a happy surprise waited for me sitting on our dining table. Your work arrived save and sound here in Germany!

I took my original email on purpose as it illustrates quite well the ride we had with this job. At this point in time I am left with a heartfelt „thank you“. First of all for your unbreakable positivity throughout this whole journey, combined with spot on communication and, when it was needed, the obvious willingness to be a problem solver rather than leaving a customer alone with his issue.

Now that the minis are sitting in front of me I can wholeheartedly say that you and your team are full-fledged professionals in what and how you do it.

First of all I was very surprised with the packaging, as it was way bigger than the one I sent. Well of course if you wrap every single little figurine in their own foam wrapping to protect them from „injury“. So when I started my smile grew wider and wider. In the end I am a happy man seeing them repaired, stripped of their original messiness of colors and professionally repainted. The best part actually is, that yes, all my instructions were followed but with little tweaks and improvements here and there, so they bring this special notion of discovering „character“ in every single one of them.

Thank you very much for making a childhood dream come true to see my Heroquest heroes and monsters come to life in their fully painted glory.

-Robert H

Gallery: Robert H - Hero Quest

Hope its been crazy, coz you got a lot of work. That would mean you will be "in buisness" for a long time.

I will watch the webpage and see what and when you get new (and old) figs ready.

Keep up the good work Navin, and: Happy holiday....get drunk, see famely, kiss your girlfriend/wife,.... and get laid....  :)

-Martin Antonsen

Gallery: D&D Store


No, those look excellent! Those will suit my needs perfectly. Thank you to you and your painters for their hard work.

-Gary Newsham

Gallery:Gary Newsham - Various

Hi Navin,

I got the minis in the mail the other day and they all look amazing! Superb job. The change-up is fine, and I appreciate you handling it well.

-David Lanner

Gallery: D&D Store

Hey Navin,

I'm sorry I didn't email you sooner, but they arrived earlier this week! Your guys' work is certainly fantastic! I want to personally thank you and your team for the great work and for keeping in touch with me. I will be purchasing from you guys again in the future. Thanks a million times over!

-Timothy Strohofer 

Gallery: D&D Store

Hello, Navin!

I received the package and everything looks absolutely amazing!

You and your team did a truly remarkable job for a truly reasonable price. 

Thank you so much again, sir!

All the best.

-Jacob Walls

Gallery: Jacob Walls, Scythe

Just got my order of 4 figures painted from your store. I received the Townsfolk: Strumpet, Troll Slayer Sophie, Astrid (Female Bard) and Aviriel (Female Elf). They are all beautifully done :D Also I (and my friends) were impressed with the very careful packaging of the figures.

-Robert Bersch

Gallery: D&D Store

Hi Navin,

minatures arrived safely! Thank you again! They are looking great!

-Reinhard Bier

Gallery: Reinhard Bier, Blood Bowl


I forgot to let you know that I received the miniatures last Friday and that they really look good.

Thanks again.

-Marc Marti

Gallery: Marc Marti, Infinity

Hello again Navin

That AlFasid is simply amazing! 

Absolutely beautiful job, I can not wait to get them in the mail. I have recommended you to a few friends of mine and already have another set of models lined up for your attention in the not too distant future.

Thank you again for your time, talent and effort.

-Fabio Mazza

Gallery: Fabio Mazza, Infinity

Absolutely stunning.

-John Keyes

Gallery: John Keyes, Knight Models, Marvel and DC

WOW!!!!! Unbelievable! Thanks for the update. I am so very impressed with your work. I can't believe those are the same figures that I mailed you. Incredible Navin.

-Curtis Davis

Gallery: Curtis Davis, Blood Rage

Everything looks incredible. Thank you again. 

-Chris Taylor

Gallery: Chris Taylor, Blood Bowl

They look perfect, no changes needed. You did such a great job on them it was worth the wait!

Thank you!

Andrew Arciniega

Gallery: Andrew Arciniega, Age of Sigmar Chaos and Undead

Mate, they are fantastic and well worth the wait.

The red colour on the ninjas is a great match exactly what I was hoping.
and Huntress looks good in her full body suit.

I'm really pleased with these, thank you

-Ray Williams

Gallery: Ray Williams, Batman Miniatures Game


Wow! Everything looks awesome as always. 

-Ken Owens

Gallery: Ken Owens, Terrain

All of these are excellent, I just got the second box today.  I'm planning on using them tonight and am really impressed by the quality.  Again, your photos didn't do them justice.

Rest assured that I will be sending more stuff to you eventually and I'm totes going to show these off as much as possible.  I love them as much as my own paint jobs.

-Pete Orfanos

Gallery: Pete Orfanos, Descent

I got the models today, look beautiful! I have recently backed a few teams on kickstarter and will have some more work for you when I get them :)

-John Pacey

Gallery: John Pacey, Blood Bowl Skavenblight Scramblers

Hi Navin,

FANTASTIC! These minis look amazing.

Thank you for the fast and excellent paint job.

-Jordi Covas


Gallery: Jordi Covas, Imperial Assault

Greetings Nevin,

You and your team surpassed my expectations! I cannot wait to annihilate my unsuspecting opponents with these mechanical and biological monstrosities.

Again, thank you so much for your amazing effort and professional customer service. I look forward to sending more miniatures your way. 

-John Carkeet IV

Gallery: John Carkeet IV, Konflikt 47

Hi Navin, the models look excellent, even better then i thought they would look. Excellent job. 

-Lucas Parker

Gallery: Lucas Parker, Crimson Fists

Those look great Navin! No corrections needed. Thanks for the continued awesome work on these :)

-Kody McLaughlin

Gallery: Kody McLaughlin - Various

They look great!

-Kumar Sivasubramanian 

Gallery: Kumar Sivasubramian, The Labyrinth Board Game

Hi Navin,

Got the miniatures today!!!  There are epic!!!  Thanks so much!  Really great work you guys do.  


-Matthew Barker

Gallery: Matthew Barker, Guild Ball

Hi Navin, 

Just wanted to let you know I received my minis last night and unpacked them all. Your packaging really shows professionalism and care taken and is a real credit to you. My miniatures were just what I imagined them to be when we started this project so bloody great job, I am extremely pleased with how they turned out - dark, broody but still with a classic Menoth knightly look and feel.

Very happy customer mate - i will certainly use your services again. Happy for you to quote me on the above - i will recommend you to my friends. Now my only last request is please make the aussie dollar more favourable to the US 😎 Thanks.

- Benjamin French

Gallery: Benjamin French, Menoth