Wow!! The minis are painted perfectly and exactly to the specification I was looking for! You and your team did an amazing job! This exceeded my expectations.

Great communication, great service and great end product.

I am already thinking about my next order! =)

Ben Cheung

Gallery: RPG Minis

I absolutely love them!
Thank you to you and your staff for the great work!

Jaime Lee

Gallery: WH40K Space Orcs

Gallery: WH40K Tau

Just received the minis, everything looks fantastic as usual. Thanks very much for doing such a great job!

Garth Kane

Gallery: Age of Sigmar

I got the package today. I haven't unpacked all the figures yet but the ones I have so far look great. I will be using the service again once I get some more models from the shop.

Peter Bucholz

Gallery: Dark Elves

Just writing to tell you that the minis have arrived and they are absolutely gorgeous! You never disappoint, you and your team are truly awesome!

Thank you again for your time and patience and I look forward to doing business again soon…

Fabio Mazza

Gallery: Frostgrave

Minis arrived Monday evening. All are accounted and as usual landed without a scratch thanks to the fantastic wrapping job you guys did. Not to mention the outstanding quality of the painting job. I am really happy with these

Jordi Covas

Gallery: Super Dungeon Explore

Gallery: Star Wars Legion & Imperial Assault

Gallery: Fallout Wasteland Warfare

They look fantastic! Thank you so much!

Jonathan Meredith

Gallery: Star Wars Imperial Assault

The miniatures arrived today.  They look great.  Thank you and to the rest of your team for the great service and work.

Jim Kayer

Gallery: Gloomhaven

I just wanted to let you know that I got my Tiamat earlier this week and it looks INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much!

David McCradden

Gallery: Reaper

I am so happy with the painting! You and your painters did an amazing job. I cannot thank you enough. 

Jacob Lewis

Gallery: Lord of the Rings

Just to let you know that the package arrived safe and intact thanks to your excellent packaging job.

Thanks again and I look forward to continuing to use your services in the future.

Doug Allen

Gallery: Carnevale

Great!!! They look awesome.

Lee Fischer

Gallery: SAGA

Hi, it arrived yesterday, LOOKS GREAT, thank you so much!!!

Ryan Burch

Gallery: Kings of War

All five packages received and all minis accounted for. Once again, I cannot stress enough how amazed I am at the packing job you guys do: ALL minis arrived in perfect condition without scratches or bumps.

Jordi Covas

Gallery: Bloodbowl

The figures arrived yesterday beautifully packaged as always.  They look tremendous.  Please pass on my thanks to your crew, they did an excellent job as always.

Matt Hodgson

Gallery: WH40K

Got the minis in this past Friday. They look great. Top notch work as always.

James Autry

Gallery: Infinity

You run an amazing business. My friends and I love your site. The miniatures are painted perfectly and the customer service is awesome. 

Ben Cheung

D&D Store

I received my Kingdom Death shipment today and they all look FANTASTIC! I’m extremely impressed by your packing for shipping.

You’ll be my go to people as soon as I’m ready for more!

James Hillier

Gallery: Kingdom Death

My lads arrived last week. They're beautiful, just an absolute joy to look at and have on the table. My gratitude and admiration to the artists responsible, and thank you for your continued unparalleled service. 

Thanks again, and I look forward to sending more dudes your way soon.

Cameron Kirkpatrick

Gallery: Warhammer 40K

I have received my Atrapos Knight and the Raven Guard drop pods.  I'm very impressed with paint and assembly.  Well done!  I will continue to send you all my future commissions!

Jon Moralee

Gallery: Warhammer 40K

The Rising Sun miniatures arrived today, after only one week! Well-packaged and perfect as always, thank you very much, sir!

Steve Fawkner

Gallery: Rising Sun

Just wanted to let you know that i received the figures. Saying i was blown away would be an understatement. I can't put into words how happy i am. My friend loves his orge too. We are both so happy with the work you guys did. Much love and appreciation to you and your crew for taking the time with them and staying in contact with me along the way. Your work and customer service is unbelievable and top notch. Please tell your crew and and anyone else who helped in this process that they went over the top and made two people extremely happy and overly satisfied. You have an amazing company and very talented group. I made some side by side comparisons and posted it to my facebook page and linked your website to it. Thank you again and keep up the excellent work.

Jason Szabad

Gallery: RPG minis

How could I not stick with you guys with the incredible product, the great service and the friendly people.  If more businesses around the world used your business model they would survive longer and keep loyal customers.  I just hope you guys keep it going for a long while to come, because I have tons of work for you, haha.  Have a great day.

Charles Ross

Gallery: Reaper/ D&D

The miniatures look fantastic! This was exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for the excellent work.

Reed Austin

Gallery: Kings of War

Thank you very much for the quick handling and great service. 

Everytime a pleasure doing business with you.

Lanschutzer Andreas

Gallery: Warhammer

The figures showed up today.  They look great, the pictures really didn’t do them justice.  I’ll definitely be using you in the future.

Peter Baxter

Gallery: Wild Wild West: Exodus