What some of our customers have said:

Hi Navin, 

Just wanted to let you know I received my minis last night and unpacked them all. Your packaging really shows professionalism and care taken and is a real credit to you. My miniatures were just what I imagined them to be when we started this project so bloody great job, I am extremely pleased with how they turned out - dark, broody but still with a classic Menoth knightly look and feel.

Very happy customer mate - i will certainly use your services again. Happy for you to quote me on the above - i will recommend you to my friends. Now my only last request is please make the aussie dollar more favourable to the US 😎 Thanks.

- Benjamin French

Gallery: Benjamin French, Menoth


Hi Navin, The pictures look amazing!

My brothers comments are, "The white scars and banshee do it for me. Light colours are so hard to work with but these guys are pros!". My Dad said: "Glad I didn't have to paint them. Look great, Dad"

Thank you, your services are always appreciated.

- Anthony Ray Shields 

Gallery: Anthony Ray Shields, White Scars, and White Scars 2 


I do want to tell you that this is hands down the most beautiful War of the Ring’s set out there.  I would seriously challenge it against anyones.  Thank you so much for the hard work that you put in.  God bless.

- Matthew Johnston

Gallery: Matthew Johnston, War of the Ring


The models arrived, they are spectacular. ... When they're not battling it out, the models will sit on display in my front room and my new wife will just have to deal with it haha. 

- Josef Dickens

Gallery: Josef Dickens, Firestorm Armada


Received the miniatures, they came out great.

Very pleased with your work, I’ll be sending some more figures out later this year.

- Nick Kost - Everblight

Gallery: Nick Kost - Everblight


Hi Navin,

I received my Byzantines and unpacked them.   They look fantastic.

- Brian Bailey - SAGA Byzantines

Gallery: Brian Bailey - SAGA Byzantines


They look spectacular. I have no issues whatsoever. I had high expectations based on the other pieces in your gallery and you exceeded them.

- Nick Kost - Everblight

Gallery: Nick Kost - Everblight


Hey Navin,

I've been so busy that I haven't been able to open up the package you sent until today to really get a look at the minis you sent back. Amazing! You guys are getting better and better. I thought the pictures you had sent to show me the painting were great but they don't do them justice. Thanks so much. I'll be sending you some more soon!



- Jeff Binder - Otherworld

Gallery: Jeff Binder - Otherworld


I was just thinking this morning (from my hotel room in Mexico City) that I think that since the first time I sent you a box of models in 2009 (thinking "I wonder if this guy in Sri Lanka is dependable and if the models will really look like they're supposed to when and if they come back?") I've lived at 6 addresses.  (Evanston, IL; Elgin, IL; Plano, TX (x2); and Rogers, AR (x2))

The pricing and quality have definitely been consistent (even if my home address hasn't been).

- Joshua Buchanan - Dungeon Saga, Shadows of Brimstone, Warmachine

Gallery: Joshua Buchanan - Dungeon Saga, Shadows of Brimstone, Warmachine



They arrived and look great!

Thank you,


- Chris Burns - Descent

Gallery: Chris Burns - Descent


 Got the models today! They look great.

- Ed Kravetsky - Malifaux

Gallery: Ed Kravetsky - Malifaux


Hey Navin,

Just wanted to let you know that the models arrived and everything looks really good. thank you so much.

- Andrew Saiger - Tyranids

Gallery: Andrew Saiger - Tyranids


Hi Navin,

They arrived last Wednesday and look great, thanks!

We used them for a game and I did a blog posting here in case you’re curious:




I got the models yesterday and I love them!  Thanks a ton!

Hopefully I will have more stuff to send you in the near future and I will definitely recommend you to my friends.


- Justin Balusik - Wild West Exodus

Gallery: Justin Balusik - Wild West Exodus


Overall I am quite happy with the speed, quality, and results. I will definitely consider you guys for more painting in the future.


- Paul Giles - Kingdom Death

Gallery: Paul Giles - Kingdom Death


Hello Navin.
I'm pleased to say that my package finally arrived!

I'm even more pleased with the quality paint job your people did! They look even better than in the photos!
Really outstanding job.
DEFINITELY worth the wait.

The next time I need a batch of miniatures painted professionally, you'll definitely be the one I talk to.
Thanks for the great customer service as well.

- Adam Selfridge - Dystopian Wars

Gallery: Adam Selfridge - Dystopian Wars


The minis arrived yesterday! I am very happy with the result! Will send you pics in action as soon as I have em. 

- Andre Suwanda - Fireforge Crusaders and Teutonic Knights

Gallery: Andre Suwanda - Not Bretonnians


Thanks for the pictures. They look good! I don't see any big changes needed- I'm excited to see them in person. The monsters turned out especially well I think- nice job. The feathers on the phoenix look really nice.

- Paul Giles - Kingdom Death

Gallery: Paul Giles - Kingdom Death


They look fantastic. Very impressed.

Thank you for all your hard work. 

I look forward to having them charge across a table into battle, they will look amazing.

Jason Fitzpatrick. 

- Jason Fitzpatrick - Space Orks

Gallery: Jason Fitzpatrick - Space Orks


Hi there Navin.
I just looked over the pictures, and everything looks very good!
I'm loving the attention to detail, especially on the larger ships.
You even have all the different detachable weapons painted, which is a nice touch.
The water effects are great, and the color scheme is spot on.

I'd say they look perfect, and no changes are needed.


- Adam Selfridge - Dystopian Wars

Gallery: Adam Selfridge - Dystopian Wars


Holy crap it looks good. 

- Tim Barnes - Mostly Reaper

Gallery: Tim Barnes - Mostly Reaper

Website: Gate Keeper Games


They look wonderful, Navin.  Thank you for your work.

- Steve Tomalin - Level 7

Gallery: Steve Tomalin - Level 7


I received my figures today and they look fantastic!  Thank you again, and I look forward to sending more in a few months.

- Tom Best - Descent

Gallery: Tom Best - Descent


Hi Navin!

The latest shipment has arrived safe and sound. KICKASS job!! No other way to describe it. We are incredibly happy with the work on these, thank you for such an excellent job. Now to go get them on the table :)

Virtual high-five,

- Kody McLaughlin - Various 40k

Gallery: Kody McLaughlin


Hi Navin, 

I must say this is impressive work and way faster then what i thought it would be!!

You have a great service and im very VERY happy. ... I am a Happy customer. And your constant e mails has kept me very reassured its all in good management.

Thank you 

- Amir Hassan - Everblight

Gallery: Amir Hassan - Everblight


Navin - these are awesome. Very happy with the result and will have more to send you as soon as I receive these back.

- Fernando Garbato - Blood Bowl

Gallery: Fernando Garbato - Blood Bowl

Hi Navin,

All look great and worthy of the pricing – I am very excited to see them in person.  The trolls and ogres look especially phenomenal.  The color matching on all was superb, better than any other shop/painter that I have sent figures to in the past.  I also like the colors you chose for the villagers. ... Thank you, thank you.  Again, wonderful work – pending receipt of these, I look forward to sending more in a few months.


- Tom Best - Descent

Gallery: Tom Best - Descent

Heya Navin,

                I got the minis today and they are GREAT! I am super happy with the way that they turned out and the attention to detail. I also appreciate the thorough packing job to make sure the paint isn’t damaged in transit.

I’m excited to start using these so that others can appreciate them and I’ll probably be contacting you again after the holidays to do a few more pieces. 



- Rolf Buchner - Reaper Minis

Gallery: Rolf Buchner - Reaper Minis



I received the minis, and they are stunning thanks! Nothing is broken the packaging is very good!


many thanks


greetings Philipp

- Philipp Bachmann - Warmachine

Gallery: Philipp Bachmann - Warmachine



Great work as always. No changes, please put in post!





- Andrew Oates

Gallery: Andrew Oates - More Blood Bowl

Hi Navin

Gotta say very happy with the work you guys have done some excellently painted minis at a very reasonable price (and you can quote me on that). 


- Zeph Wilks - Arabian Nights

Gallery: Zeph Wilks - Arabian Nights

Hi I received the package today and their looks better than pictures. I really appreciate for your efforts:) 

- Byung-ju Kim - Malifaux

Gallery: Byung-ju Kim - Malifaux

Hi Navin, 


I hope you are doing well. 


I received the minis yesterday. They are very nice ! I'm really happy ! Thank you for this very nice job (please transmit this thanks to all your team too) !


I want to thank you for the strong packaging and wrapping too. In fact, despite the parcel suffered some quit impressive outside damages (I was worrying about the content), figs inside were all entire except one which only lost its gun (I will fix back with some glue).


Enjoy life and take care


- Raoul Henry - Infinity, Operation Ice Storm

Gallery: Raoul Henry - Infinity, Operation Ice Storm

Just wanted to let you know that I received the figurines and they look even better in person than they did in the pictures you sent. I forgot how small these figurines were, so it is amazing to me you were able to paint this much detail. I would definitely come back to you if I ever have anything that needs painting.

- Scott Winkler - Mice and Mystics

Gallery: Scott Winkler - Mice and Mystics

Those look amazing. Thank you ... I have ordered some more for the same game so when they come in I will probably be seeking your services again.


- Paul Barrett - Wild West Exodus

Gallery: Paul Barrett - Wild West Exodus

 I appreciate that you when over the minis and redid that.  I thought they looked great in the pics.  Thats why I choose your company to do all my painting because the system is so streamlined from start to finish.  I've been putting together another list for the future profpject and when it's complete i'll be calling on you.  


Thanks again for a wonderful job!


- John Campbell - Infinity

Gallery: John Campbell - Infinity

Minis arrived and again they look better in person than in the pictures, which is saying something because the pictures looked amazing. Another fantastic packing job as everything made it with here in perfect condition. I still can’t get over the Chimera, awesome miniature and an unbelievable paint job.

Thanks for the surprise with the magnetized guns on the iron horse, that was awesome.

- Steve Chapman - Wild West Exodus, Mostly

Gallery: Steve Chapman - Wild West Exodus, Mostly

Tthe kans arrived in great shape and look incredible. Thank you. Again, your camera simply does not do them justice.

- Sean Heitmeyer - Space Orks

Gallery: Sean Heitmeyer - Space Orks



Wow! The models look superb! I am very pleased with the results (:

- Marcus Larsson - Eldar

Gallery: Marcus Larsson - Eldar

Just arrived and looking great!

Top notch fellas!

- Jason Jenkins - Menoth

Gallery: Jason Jenkins - Menoth

NAVIN! You guys are amazing. My stuff came in and my jaw dropped. Seeing them up close is so much better than the pictures on the computer ever suggested. Amazing work thank you so much for everything you and your team did.

- Clint Maclean

Gallery: Clint Maclean - Sharktipedes

Hi Navin,


Good morning and Happy Wednesday to you!  Just wanted to let you know that the mini's arrived successfully.  They are definitely worth the wait.  The photos you sent me do not do justice on the detail and craftsmanship of the actual figurines.  


Thank you again!


- Francis Ramirez - Lord of the Rings

Gallery: Francis Ramirez - Lord of the Rings

I thank you greatly for your time and attention on this largely complex and massive army. 

It's been a pleasure doing business with you.


Until next time, kind regards,


- Ed Bridgman - Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum

Gallery: Ed Bridgman - Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum

Good morning Navin,
Everything was received and it all looks great. once again I appreciate the quality work and prices. I do have some more work to be done before the end of the year. I'll let you know when that time comes.
Thanks again,

Daniel Chick

- Daniel Chick - Vampire Counts and Dipped LoTR

Gallery: Daniel Chick - Vampire Counts and Dipped LoTR

Hi Navin,

I just got back from a few weeks overseas and my order was waiting for me. 


Thank you very much for another great job!





- Andre Bishop - Shadows of Brimstone

Gallery: Andre Bishop - Shadows of Brimstone

Morning Navin-


All of the boxes have arrived and with only a few minor issues - all is well!


Thanks so much for another great project completed!


Hope all is well and you know that I'll be setting up another project soon... :)




- Chris Livingston - Mantic Orcs

Gallery: Mantic Orcs

I received my package today. The miniatures were not what I was expecting. They are better than I could have imaged. They are truly top quality job. I look forward to being able to use them and show them off. I will be gladly recommending your painting services to others.


Thank you very much. I will be definitely using you in the future.

- Joshua Hubbell - D&D Heroes

Gallery: Joshua Hubbell - D&D Heroes

Received the two boxes of miniatures.  They look great!  Thanks a bunch!

- Charles Lybarger - Reaper Minis Mostly

Gallery: Charles Lybarger - Reaper Minis Mostly

I am very happy with the service you have provided. I am already getting together another group of miniatures. 

- Joshua Hubbell - D&D Heroes

Gallery: Joshua Hubbell - D&D Heroes

The Native Americans look great.  I hadn’t had a chance to start to fully unpack them until just now.  The two random ones I looked at when they arrived were nice, and the rest don’t disappoint.

- Jake Schneider - Native Americans

Gallery: Jake Schneider - Native Americans

Hello Navin,


Today I got the package with the minis. I think 6 weeks without express is "normal" to Germany.

Very beautiful minis and a great Job.

- Circle Orboros - Stephan Klinkenbusch

Gallery: Circle Orboros - Stephan Klinkenbusch

Hi Navin,

Package arrived, and it was just like x-mass!

All beautiful and well wrapped (and I really appreciate well wrapped packages) and every present surprised me in its beauty!! Complements for your crew!

- Philo Sluijsman - Infinity

Gallery: Philo Sluijsman - Infinity

Got the figs today!!! They look awesome!! Thanks bud!!

- Brandon T Willenberg - Dreadball

Gallery: Brandon T Willenberg - Dreadball

Hi Navin,


Arrived yesterday, box was a little banged up from the trip, but due to your excellent packing nothing at all was damaged!  Everything looks great, thanks a lot!

- Ryan Burch - Basecoated Dark Elves

Gallery: Ryan Burch - Basecoated Dark Elves

Just to let you know that I recived the minis and they look good. I should have another order in a couple of weeks.

- John Horton - Infinity

Gallery: John Horton, Infinity

Thanks Navin

I have received the painted miniatures and would like to thank you and your team for an excellent job. 
The painted miniatures look even better in the flesh then when I saw them through your web page.
Extremely pleased with the work, fabulous job.

Kind Regards


- Michael Hanckel - Dark Vengeance

Gallery: Michael Hanckel - Dark Vengeance

Hi Navin,


Wanted to let you know that I received the minis and they look great!  Thanks so much, I'm a satisfied customer :-).

- Lang Waters - Zombiesmith Mostly

Gallery: Lang Waters - Zombiesmith Mostly

Wow, that looks awesome. Wow.

- Adam Eldred - Robotech

Gallery: Adam Eldred - Robotech

Navin, I just wanted to let you know that my first order of Lootas + Meks has arrived and HOLY BALLS do they look good! The pictures you sent did not do them justice. My expectations have been far surpassed. It was worth the wait. I'm very happy I decided to go with you guys. Now I have to sit here on the edge of my seat waiting for the rest of my models to arrive. 

- Sean Heitmeyer - Orks

Gallery: Sean Heitmeyer - Orks

Hi Navin, just wanted to let you know the minis got here safe and sound. They look great! I really like the colors now that I see them in person! Thanks again for everything!

- Joshua Coyle - Tyranids

Gallery: Joshua Coyle - Tyranids

Hey Navin!


They look fantastic - I love the bit of azure brushing on the scales of the insectoid monster. The Giants and humanoids are beautifully done, as are the demons. You guys always bring these minis to life. Love your work - thanks so much!




- Jeff Binder - Reaper Minis

Gallery: Jeff Binder - Reaper Minis

I am thoroughly impressed with the new paint jobs.  2Goreshade is absolutely perfect!  The units looks great, and I see that your painter did the best they could with Terminus.  This is what I expected when I commissioned the job. ... Thank you again I am very happy with these photos, William

- William Moses - Cryx

Gallery: William Moses - Cryx

Hi Navin,

Thank you! The packages arrived today and I'm thrilled about the contents. My wife, who normally rolls her eyes when I try to show her anything hobby related, even admitted that the Scorpion was "beautiful". And I agree with her, while the rest of the stuff is nice and something I feel proud to be able to put on the table, the superheavies are top notch. This lot was well worth the wait. I'll be sure to credit you anytime people ask about the painting or when I post pictures of the miniatures online. My compliments to your crew. 

- Kristofer Dingwell - Mantic and Epic 40k

Gallery: Kristofer Dingwell - Mantic and Epic 40k

I've been very happy with the service you've provided and the quality of the miniatures I've received. I'm still astonished by how well everything is packaged and will never believe you have anything less than a wizard responsible for that.


I'll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a mini painter and I'm almost certain that I'll be emailing you again in a few months to see about some of these new Harlequins... but for now, thanks for the army!

- Corey Powell - Dark Eldar

Gallery: Corey Powell - Dark Eldar

Hi Navin,

Just a heads up that I received my minis safe and sound, and as always they look fantastic! I’m constantly impressed by the work you guys do.

- Bryan Stark - Mansions of Madness

Gallery: Bryan Stark - Mansions of Madness

I got the package and everything arrived in good shape once again great work and look forward to the next order.

- Sam Moorhead - Skorne

Gallery: Sam Moorhead - Skorne

Hi Navin,

Vendetta's and platoon commanders arrived a couple of days ago, quite promptly, and I have to say, despite the ridiculously high expectations your team have set with the quality of the work, I was astounded by the Vendetta's. Presently they live, quite proudly, on my dining table and they've drawn both admiration and shock from none nerds that they're hand painted. Amazing Job!

- Ed Bridgman - Astra Militarum

Gallery: Ed Bridgman - Astra Militarum

Just got them today and they look amazing!  I am so excited to have them for the upcoming convention!

I will definitely be using you again and telling people where I got my minis painted.

Thanks again!

- Michael Basil - Last Night on Earth

Gallery: Michael Basil - Last Night on Earth

The minis arrived today. They are wonderful and thank you for your craftmanship!

I will be looking forward to the second batch of order!!

- Gen Tanaka - Cryx

Gallery: Gen Tanaka - Cryx

Navin, I just wanted to wish you all the best, and to tell you that the models are stunning! Beautifully done! I'm tremendously impressed with your efforts. I wish you all the best, and look forward to doing business with you again one day!

- Jason Reid - Firestorm Armada

Gallery: Firestorm Armada

Hello Navin,

Minis arrived just intime for christmas. thank you they are awesome good job. Hope you have a good christmas and joyous new year.

- Alan Schache

Gallery: Alan Schache - Deadzone

Hi Navin, the models arrived yesterday and they are fantastic! Even my wife was impressed by the paint job and the magnetization!

- William Crowe - Militarum Tempestus

Gallery: Militarum Tempestus

The minis have arrived safely. They are excellent. Thank you very much.

- Joshua Hill

Gallery: Joshua Hill - Infinity

I wanted to let you know that the models came in a few days ago and they look spectacular.  You guys really did a fantastic job capturing the image I was hoping for on them.  I couldn't be more thrilled.  I didn't think it was possible, but I actually enjoy what you did with Iron mother even more than Prime axiom, and I love Axiom.

- Chris Elmendorf

Gallery: Chris Elmendorf - Convergence of Cyriss

All the figs are great, thank you again to you and your team. I'm really happy about this, almost 15 years I wanted to play 40k.

- Jonathan Foudral

Gallery: Jonathan Foudral - Tau


Received the models and they look great (as usual). The horses are beautiful and the stagecoach is amazing,

Keep up the great work!

- Ken Owens

Gallery: Ken Owens - Various

Hi Navin,
Perfect job!  I will be recommending you and your team to others.
Please give my special thanks to the artists of all the projects.  I will definitely be ordering more projects with you. 

- Neil Burden

Gallery: French Foreign Legion, Eureka Minis

I finally unpacked the last lot of models you sent back (my wife wouldn't let me unpack them until I bought some shelves to put them on :)), and they're fantastic :). Hopefully I can save some money and get some more Salamanders and Menoth models on order soon as these ones have inspired me :). Thanks again :) .

- Douglas Reid

Gallery: Salamander Marines Mostly

Hi Navin,

The minis arrived today. They look splendid, especially the big ones. Thank you so much. I will definitely turn to you first for any future painting needs!

- Michael Rooney

Gallery: D&D Minis

Looks great! I really like how they've turned out.

- Christopher Morabito

Gallery: Infinity

You did a fantastic job on these. They look great, exactly what I wanted. I even like your choice of basing.

- Robert Waters

Gallery: Late Imperial Rome, 15mm

Your minis came in while I was away without any issues - and they look great!

- Murray Birse

Gallery: Murray Birse - D&D Minis

They look awesome! Thanks!

- Ken Owens

Gallery: Various

"RECEIVED!!  All three boxes. I opened the middle one to see a lovely treeman with no damage. Araloth is suitably excellent too.  It really feels like playing a Golden Demon force because it’s all nicely done and rather overwhelming when all on the table.  Your studio makes great stuff happen and I’d highly recommend the upgrade difference in quality levels from dipped where budget allows." 

- Steve Kohler

Gallery: Wood Elves

Hi Navin,

The figures arrived today. They look great! Thanks

- Joseph Murphy

Gallery: Old Glory Minis

Dear Navin, 

The miniatures are all here in perfect condition. Thank you for your great work.

- Quang Bach

Gallery: Relic Knights

Received the model today. It looks amazing and was exactly what I was hoping for.  Packaging was superb. Thanks for the business and I know where to come back to if I need more painted for sure. Thanks again. 

- Jason Swinson

Gallery: Ogre Pirate

Hi Navin,

I would like to confirm receipt of the package with all models intact. 

Many thanks again for the superb paint job and exceptional service. 


- Alvin Hwang

Gallery: Space Hulk

Hello Navin,I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the figures came in earlier this week.  They look great and I am very happy with the service that I received.  I will definitely be using your service again and will be in touch as soon as I’m ready to send some more figures your way. Thanks!

- Mark Theurer

Gallery: Malifaux

I have been having a Classic Second Edition Ork & Gretchin army painted for me by PaintedFigs.com.  I don't want to turn this into an advert but suffice it to say I have had very good experiences with them, this is the 3rd batch of my army they have produced and I'm happy to recommend them to others.


- Fraser Dutch

Gallery: Space Orks

Hey Navin, got home to a package waiting for me! Everything looks great and whoever does your packaging is a wizard.

- Corey Powell

Gallery: Dark Eldar

Just received my bloodgorgers, they are awesome. I am very satisfied with the work.

- John-Francois Barbosa

Gallery: Cryx

Hi Navin, Hope you're doing well. I thought you'd like to know that I had a couple of friends over last week and they were raving about the paint jobs on my minis. I gave them your name. Thanks again for a job well done.

- Ron Armstrong

Gallery: Ravenloft and Drizzt

That is a sweet Treeman and I can see the Miyazaki vibe throughout many of the models.  It might be cannon magnet but the green and purple over bone/weathered wood and blue detailing looks tremendous.  It could be a chaotic riot but it is well flowed together.
Araloth is awesome and the model will be used every game even as a unit champion if need be – it’s too good looking to hold back.
The Hobbit Eagles are true to the film aesthetic and I can stop borrowing models for them.
The cavalry are much needed.  I’ve been using my older Glade Riders and some metal Wild Riders as my Wild Rider Host.  Now it will be respectably terror-inducing eye candy.

Overall this is awesome army collection and we just keep adding to it.

- Steve Kohler

Gallery: Wood Elves

Hi Navin,

Now that I have the models in my hand I must say that they are EXCELLENT!!   You need to buy yourself another camera, because the pictures did not do these models justice.

I am very very happy with the models!  Much better then I thought they would be. Thank you Navin for your excellent service.  I will for sure recommend you to everyone I know and use you again for my next army.

Best regards from one happy customer,

- Kari Kristinsson

Gallery: Flames of War SS

I got the minis. Looks great! Just like the last group you painted for me.

- Jeff Binder

Gallery: Reaper Miniatures

Writing to let you know i received my kobolds and you guys did a great job.  i will certainly be putting together another commission soon.  thank you for a good experience.  I posted a positive review on my little miniatures blog: 


- Mark Brantingham

Gallery: Otherworld Miniatures

I received the package. Thanks, they look good!

- Jacob Hoffman

Gallery: Anima Tactics

Hey Navin, just wanted to say Amazing job sir, just got the figs and am totally happy with how they turned out well done. I have another job for you.

- Chris Pietrasiak

Gallery: Black Templars

They looks stellar.  Very impressed.  Get some cake ready.

- Lucas Como

Gallery: Tau

Navin, I just got them in the mail and they look fantastic.  You guys did an absolutely amazing job and I couldn't be happier.

- Chris Elmendorf

Gallery: Warmachine

I got them in today! They're awesome! Definitely look forward to my next order!

- William Rodriguez

Gallery: Iron Fists

The package arrived today and everything was perfect! The second Angelius was completely intact and not broken like his predeccessor, thanks again for the extra work on that one!

- Arthur Raynor

Gallery: Everblight

I received the miniatures today. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you again!

- Jason Thompson

Gallery: D&D Minis

Hi, they are finally home ;) so thank you for the great work. It looks so cool to see them as a big team. I like that very much.

- Dennis Steinschulte

Gallery: Blood Bowl Dark Elves

Hi Navin, the miniatures arrived safely.  They look very nice, thank you.  I will have more business for you in the future!

- Michael Rooney

Gallery: D&D Minis

I received the figures back this past weekend. They look great and I’ve already played one game of Teratons versus Z’zor. The Z’zor won. :)

- Robert Waters

Gallery: Dreadball

Navin, received my Khador today and am very pleased with them. They look
great "in the flesh", the album pictures don't do them justice at all.
Many thanks to you and your team for the hard work on these, my expectations
have certainly been met this time. The slipping timescale can be forgiven, I
don't know if you're familiar with the good-cheap-fast project management
triangle (pick any two)!? Anyway, I would say most of your competitors
follow the good-fast model (not cheap), where as your service employs the
more preferable good-cheap model (for those of us on a budget, who don't
mind waiting)!  Will be back for more in the future.

- Jamie Wilks

Gallery: Khador

Hi Navin, my order arrived yesterday! I am very happy with it, thanks so much! I'll definitely be placing another order with you in the future. Thanks again, Martyn.

- Martyn Ellis

Gallery: Dipped Empire

Hi Navin, got the minis today, and they are just as awesome as the pictures of them were :) I am sure the winner will be very pleased to get these (I know I would! 8)) Thank you for these fantastic minis, and all the good service I received. Kind Regards, Chris

- Chris Skeie

Gallery: Malifaux

Hello, Navin, just wanted to let you know the figures arrived this past week and in good order.  No broken items and everything was accounted for and painted to a good quality standard that I was expecting. Thanks again for a job well done and my little guy is very pleased as well!  I will definitely be using your services again when I have another order to place with you in the future. Thanks again!

- Jay Eckhardt

Gallery: Empire and Orcs and Goblins

Hey Navin, we just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work, we received the minis and everyone is absolutely thrilled with them! ... The detail is truly stunning, honestly it came out better than we all expected. ..  I'll continue to recommend you to anyone who shows interest, you have been very professional and kind, and that certainly goes a long way in my book!

- Sean Lewis

Gallery: D&D Minis

Models look great and no damage during shipment. Thanks!

- Sam Driver

Gallery: Imperial Fists

Navin, the box arrived last Saturday. The minis are beautiful ... Thanks again, Joe

- Joseph Rielinger

Gallery: Flames of War French

Hello Navin, The packages arrived safe and sound this past Friday. Oh, and by the way, the figures look AWESOME! I'll be singing your praises from the mountaintops, of that I can assure you!

- Chris Livingstone

Gallery: Crusaders

Hello Navin, the miniautures arrived today only had a quick look at some but from what I have seen they look awesome.  Again good job tell your crew good job.

- Alan Schache

Gallery: Bolt Action

I got the last box today, everything is accounted for and the paint jobs are top notch as always.  Thank you very much Navin.  I will start working on my next batch of Orks.

- Marvin Cole

Gallery: Space Orks and Dark Angels

Hi Navin, The minis arrived on Monday. They look beatiful and I am happy to say that landed without a scratch. Again, thanks for your excellent painting job.

- Jordi Covas

Gallery: Cygnar

Hi Navin, The guys arrived safe and sound. Your packaging was exceptional. I am most pleased with them. Many thanks - Ian

- Ian Bagshaw

Gallery: Flames of War Italians

Hi Navin, received my first two boxes today, the figs are excellent! Do you have different painters now? While I was certainly happy with the previous orders, these are noticeably more neat and precise. Whatever the case, keep up the good work! Till the next order- Jeff

- Jeff McCauley

Gallery: Historicals

Hey Navin, Mini's arrived - great work at the end of it all ;) Also, fantastic packaging!

- Ash Colclough

Gallery: Pathfinder Minis

My first Tau order arrived a couple of days ago and I’ve just looked through them. They look great. Thanks again for the fantastic work!

- Douglas Reid

Gallery: Tau

Arrived in good shape, although it took me half a day to unpack (I was being careful).  Once again another great job!

- Dwight Davis

Gallery: Larry Elmore Miniatures

Hi Navin,
Just letting you know that the package arrived yesterday in excellent condition.
Thanks very much for your great service and I look forwards to placing another order soon.
Have a great day

- Bob Matic

Gallery: Orboros, No Basing

As of today I have received both boxes and have unwrapped all of the minis. Overall, I must say that everything looks fantastic and I am extremely satisfied with the work you have done! These pieces look gorgeous - the pictures did not do them justice as they look even better in person. I want to thank you for your help and professionalism, and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I can.
 Thanks again!

- Bryan Stark

Gallery: War of the Rings

They’ve arrived!  And I’ve unpacked them.  They all made the trip perfectly, no problems. They look better in person than the photos!  An amazing job. Please extend my appreciation and thanks to everyone who worked on them!

- Dwight Davis

Gallery: Reaper Sophies

Hi Navin! Got the package and they looked awesome as always. Thanks again!

- Arthur Raynor

Gallery: Everblight and Warmachine

Hi Navin, I can't begin to tell you how much i like them, they truly are works of art.

- Greg Coleiro

Gallery: Ogre Kingdoms

Hi Navin, I just received the minis. They look GREAT. Thanks again for the excellent work and the awesome wrapping job, the miniatures arrived without a scratch!

- Jordi Covas

Gallery: Warmachine

I recieved my Khorne army two days ago and they arrived safe!. Really fast shipping compared to when i order stuff from Hong Kong, must say i am impressed with the speed of the shipping.
The models looks great and just as i ordered them. Thanks once again and i look forward to place some more orders in the future.

- Magnus Ahrensbach

Gallery: Dipped Daemons

I just wanted to let you know that I received my little guys.  They look absolutely amazing.  I do not think that your pictures even did them justice, and I'm extremely impressed.  Also, please give a hearty congratulations to your shipping department.  they arrived completely intact, which has been a problem before.  As a matter of fact I had another piece delivered from Germany the other week and it had a few parts broken off (teeth, spike, ect...).  If you ship all of the minis in that way, than I am very impressed, and will continue to utilize your painting service.

- Phil Mongan

Gallery: Mierce Minis

I got the figs yesterday and they are even better than the pics.  These turned out even better than I thought they would and I had pretty high expectations.  This was worth every penny.  I played two games of Robo Rally last night and just seeing my newly painted bots on the board made me smile. 
Thanks to all of the great painters at Painted Figs.  If I ever have any other painting to do I will definitely contact you.

- Greg Clensy

Gallery: Robo Rally and En Garde

Navin, Got my figures in the mail and I absolutely love them! You guys did a great job on the transparencies, too! I really appreciate that!

- Brian Reed

Gallery: Malifaux

You people are wizards... This is a real treat for me, to have something I
did not have to put together and clean (which I hate doing, but I'm so picky
it takes me forever), painted to at least or possibly better than what I
could produce... I love it... and I'm glad I let your painters make the
picky decisions themselves with just some general guidelines of what style
(nurgle). They produced something that is beautifully different than I would
have come up with.

- Jeffrey Cox

Gallery: Soulgrinder

The box arrived yesterday; once again, the painters have outdone themselves. I especially like the paint job on the Haqqislam troopers! Nicely done!

- Patrick Wallen

Gallery: Infinity

Hi Navin, Just to let you know that the parcel arrived yesterday.The models look great and I look forward to doing business with you again. Thanks, Jonathan

- Jonathan Goringe

Gallery: Chaos Space Marines

Spectacular! They look great, a job well done! Was this a team effort, or is this a singular artist’s work? Please express my appreciation.

- Kevin Webster

Gallery: Tau

Hi Navin, everything arrived today in perfect condition and I couldn't be happier. I will definitely be sending more work your way in the future as well as recommending you to anyone that will listen. Thanks again. Jon

- Jon Morrison

Gallery: Hordes

Hi Navin,I received my Dreadball miniatures today.  I am exceptionally happy with the quality.  Thank you very much for your hard work.

- Glen Porritt

Gallery: Dreadball

Hi Navin I received my figurines and they are amazing! Thanks for the great job!

- Brad Neuberg

Gallery: Dark Vengeance

They all look fantastic!!  I greatly appreciate the pictures.  You guys did a great job matching the previous orders color scheme.

- Chris Holman

Gallery: Skaven

Just got back from travelling and got all the CSM out, thanks a lot they look really good! Very impressed.

- Jonathan Strode

Gallery: Chaos Space Marines

They look great.  I'll be looking forward to killing a bunch of space marines with them.

- Jonathan Kolf

Gallery: Space Orks

The preview photographs don't always do justice to the painting.  The Forest Dragon is amazingly beautiful and arrived quite intact. Ditto for Orion, wolves, and noble.  I am quite pleased to have gotten your team to provide so many Wood Elf signature pieces over the years.

- Steve Kohler

Gallery: Wood Elves

Wow, those are amazing... Great job, they are almost exactly like I pictured them to be.  The pirate models are incredible. The birds look awesome…tell your painter “Outstanding”. The Basing of the amazon models is perfect. Any more compliments and I will need a thesaurus. See Ya, Ken

- Ken Owens

Gallery: Amazons and Pirates

Hi Navin! I just wanted to tell you that my minis has arrived, all safely, and that I'm very satisfied with how they look. Great job, and give the assembly/painting-team some cred from me, thank you guys! :D - Cheers! Jocke

- Joakim Arvidsson

Gallery: Necrons

Navin, I just wanted to let you know that I have received the mini's, and they look even better than the pictures you sent. I'm looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

- Joe Christensen

Gallery: Reaper Characters

Hey Navin, Minatures arrived ! fantastic job thanks muchly! Many many thanks to you and please pass on great appreciation and thanks to the rest of the team! I will be surley using your self and your teams services again when the time calls! Once again brilliant job and very happy with the work! Much appreciated!

- Ian Jackson

Gallery: WHFB Characters

This is Eric. The minis were arrived yestaday morning. They look even better than the pictures. Nice minis, nice packing and more importantly, nice painting. Thank you so much. Take care dude.

- Eric Li

Gallery: Hordes

Hello Navin, Just wanted to let you know I recieved the package a day or two ago but have been very busy with work to get a chance to sit and look at them. They came out perfect just like before. They are wonderfully painted to the highest standered anyone could ask for. You and your company are wonderful and do the best work. I have had people comment on the last set you had done for me and told them of your company and told them how great the service is. Thank you and your employees for the great service you provide. I look forward in getting some more peices done with you in the near future.

- David Ward

Gallery: Malifaux

Just a quick note as I looked at your web-site to get the postal address and read a couple of reviews of the company calling you a scam etc, etc.  Utter horseshit as far as I and the vast majority of your customers are concerned.  The quality of your work, along with the very reasonable prices, means that I will be using you for years to come.  The work you did on my Dwarf Army was incredible and the Space Wolves are just as good.  Keep up the good work mate and here's to another successful year in business (and you can quote me if you like)!

- Teo Bradley

Gallery: Space Wolves

Hey Navin, The minis arrived today and they look fantastic (as expected)! Keep up the awesome work!! I can't wait to see more of the minis! Happy holidays.Respectfully,Cameron Morabito

- Cameron Morabito

Gallery: Chaos Daemons

Navin, I finally received the models, love the Carnival of Chaos models and I especially like the dark elf pitfighters with the mordheim pitfighters. They are going to be a gang our characters have to go up against. Thanks for the great work.

- Ken Owens

Gallery: Mordheim Mostly

Navin, Just to let you know, the minis arrived today, and they look great! The pictures you sent didn't do them justice; you guys did a fantastic job of catching the details! :^D

- Dan Highland

Gallery: Malifaux

These are wonderful. Your work as always is top shelf.

- John Horton

Gallery: Malifaux

The package arrived last week. Excellent work, I'll be in touch in the future.

- Daniel King

Gallery: Chaos Dwarfs

Navin, you have got to get a better camera, because the preview pictures just don't do your work justice; I just received the latest package of minis and the quality of the paint job is amazing! The packing was superb... none of the minis were dinged or damaged even though the box was pretty beat up.

- Patrick Wallen

Gallery: Relic Knights and Anima Tactics

Hey Navin, You'll have to excuse my depravity, but I just jizzed in my pants. They look absolutely great! Cody

- Cody Sharrad

Gallery: Space Wolves

Your shipment arrived today ... the ones that I have seen have surpassed my expectations. I'm very pleased and want to thank you and your artists for your efforts.

- Thomas Gengler

Gallery: Praetorian IG

The first order arrived and they look great. You paint quality is only exceeded by your customer service. Thank you very much.

- John Horton

Gallery: Malifaux

They are awesome. SUPER WORK. Nothing else will be needed. When am i going to have them :) . Guys you've earned a new loyal customer. MANY THANKS

- Harry Varelas

Gallery: Chaos Space Marines

Hi Navin,
Well I finally got around unpacking all my vampires last weekend ... Good idea having the front spears attached via magnets, that probably helped the coven throne to arrive in good shape. All the painting looks good - pat your painter on the shoulder and tell him/her that he/she did a good job. You'll be hearing from me again ASAP - lots more miniatures to get painted.
Thanks and Take care,

- Kevin Worden

Gallery: Vampire Counts

Hi Navin,
The package just arrived. Everything arrived safely and the minis look great as always. Thanks again.

- Alex Katauskas

Gallery: Savage Orcs

Once again you have outdone yourself. Please ship them over.

- John Phelan

Gallery: Khador

Just writing to say thanks for the great service. I understand that errors happen. It's not about the errors it's about how they are corrected, and you have done very well at fixing the minor errors that have happened. So anytime I want miniatures painted I'm contacting you first.

- James Johnson

Gallery: Bad Moon Orks

Hey Navin,
Just letting you know that the package has been received and they look way cool. Thank you so much for everything. You guys rock.

- Manny Perez

Gallery: Reaper Minis

Just like you to know I have received my package, and the miniatures look even better in person. I'd like to thank you and your team for a great job and hope to do business again in the future. Your quick feedback is appreciated, and the packaging was well done. Thanks, now I can finally beat space marine face with my own army!

- Jonathan Lee

Gallery: Necrons

I got my orks and daemons, and they look better in prrsin tham the pics! Amazing, quality work from paintedfigs.com. Again. Thank you so much!

- Chris Covey

Gallery: Dipped Space Orks and KOS

I just wanted drop a line to say my package arrived today ... I wanted to say I was happy with the pictures, but they really didn't do justice, I was/am absolutely blown away seeing them in person. Thanks so very much, wonderful job.

- Cliff Sevcik

Gallery: Thousand Sons

Hey Navin,
Just recieved my first box from you and I absolutely love you and your employees finished product!! They look even more amazing in person. I can't wait to get another order going.

- Jason Bickford

Gallery: Skaven and Lizardmen

Morning Navin,
Just wanted to let you know that the models have arrived safe, sound, and stunningly painted. My compliments to yourself and your painters, it's a really outstanding job and I'm very pleased with it.

- Aidan Lee

Gallery: Cygnar

Hi Navin,
just wanted to let you know that the Minis arrived Today.
I am very satisfied with the work. The Models look really good.
This was definitely not my last order and I will recommend your work to my fellow gamers.

Best Regards from Germany

- Oliver Gerstmann

Gallery: Blood Bowl

Hey Navin,
Got the package all delivered safe and sound. Gotta say: never seen anyone take this much care packing models, and I get plenty from the internet.
Not a bent sword, not a scratched surface.
Thanks a mil!

- Benedict Fox

Gallery: Everblight and Orboros

Dear Navin,
They look smashing! I can't wait to get them! You guys did an excellent job on these tiny things! Now the real hard part will be to wait on shipping!


- Vanessa Simek

Gallery: Earth Reborn

Today something arrived on my doorstep.

A box full of awesome.

0% transit damage
100% cool models

- Steve Kohler

Gallery: Various 40k and WHFB

[2nd testimonial] Hi Navin, just wanted to let you know my package arrived safe and sound :) Every mini looks amazing, I was floored with the quality when I opened the box. Even better than in the pics!!!
Thank you for the excellent service. Please tell your staff they did a great job. I will definitely be using your services again.

- Vanessa De Luca

Gallery: Dipped Space Wolves

Wow! Navin, these look fantastic! Your staff did a great job and I can't wait to get them.

- Larry Thomas

Gallery: Gears of War

The dwarfs look great!I can't wait to get them back and start using them.Now I'll have to dig up some more for you to paint! Cheers!

- Joshua Buchanan

Gallery: Dwarfs

They look perfect! Thank you so much, great work!

- Jeremy Christie

Gallery: Lizardmen

Wow. They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the pictures and the miniatures. I greatly appreciate it.

- Jordan Mechanic

Gallery: Skaven

Can I just say, WOW! The job your artists have done is totally amazing, I am beyond blown away. I cannot wait to order my next batch from you guys. I look at them and am just lost for words.

- Harry Williams

Gallery: Space Wolves

Hi Navin, Wow, those look amazing!!! Love the color scheme you picked and your painters did a beyond awesome job. Can't wait to get my hands on these.

- Vanessa De Luca

Gallery: Dipped Space Wolves

They look pretty good in the pictures, but I suspect that, like last time, they'll look even better in person. :-) Another fine job, it appears!

- Patrick Wallen

Gallery: Soda Pop Miniatures

Navin, Mini’s are in and everything looks great! Thank you again and much appreciated. Can’t wait to see the death company dread in action.

- Chris Holman

Gallery: Dipped Blood Angels

Navin, the minis showed up this morning in the mail. I am happy with the result as they look very good for the level of quality I paid for. I will definitely be using your service again. I appreciate your great customer service and I look forward to working with you again. Once again, thank you and they look great.

- Jacob Dungey

Gallery: Dipped Tau

Well holy shit! Navin - these look AMAZING. This is just what I wanted and knew I'd never be able to do on my own. Thank you so much for your efforts and the efforts of your team! Thank you also for the upgrade in quality, what a wonderful surprise - and it is all the better as this is a gift, my brother is going to be absolutely thrilled. I hope this helps you win future commissions for the game, I know if I had seen these first it would have made the decision to use you guys even easier. Thank you so much.

Otherwise - again, awesome work!!! It is going to be fun to pretend to my brother (for all of a minute) that I did the painting and ask "What - did I do a good job?" Don't worry, I'll confess and tell him the whole story. :)

- Chris LeSauvage

Gallery: Super Dungeon Explore

Bloody perfect mate, thanks for all the hard work!

- Josh Vargha

Gallery: Dark Eldar

I'm a past Painted Figs customer. You painted an Imperial Guard army for me about 18 months ago and a Malifaux set last summer.

I was frankly very concerned last summer as it seem to take forever to get a small number of models painted (nearly 5 months total time).

I actually had decided to not use you guys again after that. However, I just finished listening to the Hollywood podcast interview.

Thank you for your brutal honesty in what happened with your company. Now, it all makes sense. The delays, and trouble getting answers makes so much more sense. I'm sorry for what happened, but very happy to hear that you've recovered. I hope since the interview (I think you said it was in November, 2011) things have continued to improve of you.I wanted you to know that the next time I have a painting job - I'll be using Painted Figs again. Thought you'd like to know that.

- Mark DiBlasi

Gallery: Dipped Imperial Guard

Received my Descent mini's the other day. Excellent work! I am very happy with them.

I heard that you had some fraud trouble recently.  I wish two things for you; one that you catch and beat the ass of the person or persons involved and two that you continue the valuable service that you provide.

- Mike Carraway

Gallery: Descent

Hi Navin. I've just finished my first game with my new minis (they arrived yesterday) and I wanted to commend you on the fantastic job you and your team did on them. They look fantastic on the table, and it was nice to have a painted army for once.

- Nathan

Gallery: Warmachine

Just arrived! Wow A+ job again. I will be submitting my next order this week. I also have some models I will be sending you guys. I will be in touch! Justin (happy gamer).

- Justin

Gallery: Hordes

Hi Navin, Just to let you know that the Eldar order arrived here the other day all safe and sound. Must say I'm very happy with the results, the guardians look very cool and ninja-esque, definitely suiting the Ulthwe title of Black Guardian! Thanks for your work on this one, pleasure as always! :).

- Callum Rae

Gallery: Ulthwe Conversions

Hey Navin, I'm very pleased with the models, particularly the shades where I love the richness and depth your staff have captured on the scouts cloaks. The eyes all round are a little better too and I love the effort on the Cauldron of Blood... very atmospheric, especially with the candles and skulls down its flanks. Thanks again and send my appreciation to your staff, they've done a great job.

- Kerry Burroughs

Gallery: Dark Elves

The paint jobs are wonderful! I've challenged everyone in my local group to come take on the newest chapter of the Emporer's Finest!

- James Graham

Gallery: Space Marines

My son is really happy with the way the minis turned out. I have to say they look great.

- Brad Wood

Gallery: Space Orks

It seems like you guys can indeed do miracles :) 2 weeks of painting to get that result, impressive!

- Steve Herck

Gallery: Lizardmen

Hi Navin, The minis arrived today in great shape. Thanks for the nice job! All the best for you in the coming year.

- Arturo

Gallery: Warmachine

Hi Navin, The Daemon army arrived last Friday, they look better in the flesh (or plastic) than in the photos! Well done - a very satisfied customer.

- Mark "The Doog" Povah

Gallery: Daemons

Hi Navin, I have received both boxes as of last Friday and this Thursday. As usual you have foiled most of what the postal services love to do to fragile packages.

- Steve Kohler

Gallery: Warhammer 40K and Fantasy

My order came in and looks fantastic. I didn't get around to showing my friend his marines till a few days ago and he was equally impressed. Your customer service made the first order hassle-free and I can safely say that you guys have earned two happy customers. We will definitely be placing orders with you guys in the near future

- Paul Murphy

Gallery: Space Hulk (Exhibition / Showcase)

Navin, Just received my WWI & RCW order today. You guys have outdone yourself, they look even better than in the pictures. The painting and attention to detail on these figures is, in my view, even better than the last lot you did for me.

- Peter West

Gallery: WWI and RCW

Hey Navin, They have arrived last Monday. Thanks a lot I really like the minis, you did an excellent job

- Giacomo

Gallery: Chaos Spacemarines

Hey Navin, Got the first box in on Friday, and all I can say is WOW! The Cold One Knights and the dragon and Hydra look fantastic.

- Adam Rios

Gallery: Dark Elves

Figures arrived today. Fantastic packaging. I am very pleased with the paint jobs and will hopefully send you some more figures soon.

- Jon Argall

Gallery: Orks and Goblins

Hi Navin, Just a quick note to let you know the Nyss Hunters arrived :) They look good, and I'm pleased with them, thanks. Amazing packing job for shipping, very impressive.

- Greg

Gallery: Nyss Hunters

Just wanted to let you know that I got the Space Wolves a few days ago and they look great! You guys really did a nice job. I can't wait to send them off to battle. There's a good chance I will be calling for some reinforcements soon ;)

- Cliff

Gallery: Space Wolves

Hey Navin, My second order just arrived, and everything looked great! Even better than the pics. :). Thanks bunches.

- Drew Bergstrom

Gallery: Scoundrels

Hi Navin, Just received the figures I ordered, they looked good on the web site, but in the flesh, so to speak, they are fantastic. I will be ordering more in the near future, I will need approximately fifty, Many thanks for everything so far.

- Ted Waters

Gallery: Iron Kingdoms