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You will love HATE.

We recently did a some of CMON’s “Hate” miniatures, based on the Adrian Smith comics. I’ve seen a lot of crazy minis in this job, but I haven’t seen anything like these in a long time.

CMON Hate Miniature Painting Chronicles of Hate Adrian Smith (1).JPG
CMON Hate Miniature Painting Chronicles of Hate Adrian Smith (3).JPG


Normally we split large orders across several painters, to reduce the risk (and impact) of delays. Here however, Vasanth decided it would better if we gave the whole lot to one painter, who has a knack for, well, insane figures. It was a good call: the look and feel are more consistent, and because he could get used to the sculpting style, Sadeep, the painter, got faster towards the end.

For more pictures please visit our gallery here.

If you’re wondering what it costs to get HATE painted up, here is the costing for the core game and all its expansions paints wargame, board game, and RPG minis. If you have any minis you may be considering for some painting, feel free to pop us an email.


Some Recent Miniature Painting - Shadowspear, Dungeons and Doggos, Fallout


We painted some of Games Workshop’s Shadowspear recently. Here’s how it turned out: :

Dungeons and Doggos

Steamforged’s Dungeons and Doggos was a hit with the painters. I got a set for my wife I now how to find time to get done… Here are shots of D&D dogs:


We’ve been doing a lot of Kickstarter game painting. We’ve a couple of sets of these come in.

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