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The only acceptable 'cide' is Zombicide!

For seven years Zombicide has grown from a Kickstarter game to a universe plagued by zombies through space and time.

This maybe the most fun you have killing zombies!

Zombicide is made by CMON an award winning industry leader in board and card games. We’re quite excited of their new set Zombicide: Invader.

Our team of miniature painters will help personalize and bring your miniatures to life.


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Welcome to Gloomhaven!

Gloomhaven is one of the most talked about board games in recent times. Here are the six starting characters.

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Paintedfigs Miniature Painitng Service 3.jpg
Paintedfigs Miniature Painitng Service 4.jpg
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SPOILER WARNING- the following galleries show all the characters. Click here.

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Beware the Blackstone Fortress!

The Blackstone Fortress- an ancient long forgotten creation, hides within the key to ultimate power.


You can see these Warhammer 40k painted figures here.

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Warhammer 40k Commission Painting

If you have miniature figures to paint why not send them to us? Painted figs provides professional miniature painting services for not only Age of Sigmar & Wahammer 40k but also any type of wargame, board game or Kickstarter game.


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Bloodbowl- no guts, no glory!

Bloodbowl is no place for the weak! Choose your team, pick a strategy and get ready to play ball!


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Painting 28mm miniatures & commission miniature painting is what we mainly do here at Painted figs. We provide professional miniature painting services for all kinds of wargames, board games and Kickstarter games.

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