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Bring your miniature figures to life.

Board games, Kickstarter games, war games and RPG’s are great forms of entertainment for family or friends. Immersive and exciting, these games are some of the greatest adventures you can have without ending up in hospital!

Treat your loved ones or yourself to professionally painted miniatures and take your gaming experience to a whole new level.


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Our team of professional miniature painters are here to help bring your figurines to life

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Cthulhu Wars will be the war to end all sanity!

You don’t need dark magic to bring your Cthulhu Wars miniatures to life. Why not try a professional miniature painting service? The Elder Gods will be most pleased.

Cthulhu Wars is created by Sandy Petersen of Petersen Games- an award winning legend from the world of computer games, role play games and board gaming.


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Paintedfigs provides professional painting services for all types of board games, Kickstarter games and all your favorite wargames.

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