Split-Testing in the Store!

Due to an error, I ended up with a mini painted in 2 styles for the store, rather than just one. 

I then (slower than I want to admit) realized that with the "variant" product functionality in Squarespace, I could not only sell both - but should.

I ran the idea past Lucas (shipping) and Dinuka (sales and mktng)  and the feedback was positive.  We're going to start stocking alternative color schemes of the same sculpts. 

Why is this good? 

- Variety (client wins)

- Doubles or even triples product range (painters win) 

- Takes two seconds to set up on the site (I win)

Adding new Painted DnD Store Items

D&D, or DnD? I've always written D&D, but I'm not hip. I'm not with it. If all the cool kids are writing in DnD, then how will I know? Ah yes. I will know, because Twitter... 

Adding a bunch of new D&D items. Running an painted Reaper store is more work than it seems - at least, it is when you're trying to run a painting service a the same time. 

Will be purchasing a bunch of new minis, soon. And Bones III hasn't hit yet either. 

Site Moving Update

So that didn't go so well - Google is not pleased that the site went from https to regular http. 

So, we set up https throughout the whole site, but tested it with another domain. And it worked! 

So, tomorrow hopefully, will try moving domains again. If all goes well them: 

- We'll have a fancy new site
- At https://Paintedfigs.com
- Google won't freak out


Moved this site on to Paintedfigs

Since Google didn't care much for an all-new site for miniature painting, I figured we may as well stick the new site here, and get some real use out of it. 

I've collected a bunch of galleries off the old Picacsa archive, from the past 3-4 years. Those will being up here.

I'm also moving our stock from PaintedRPGminis over here, too. Might regret not keeping them on their own website, but for now, I think it makes life easier. 


The Miniature Painting Service does Team Yankee!

"You know about WW1 and WW2," I said to the painters. "But what about WW3?"

"You mean the War on Terror?" said one bright spark.

"Ah, well, I meant these." 

So this was our first Team Yankee job, and it was quite a large one (the above are just a sampling of the job). The minis wee great, and the assembly information was very user friendly. 

Most of these minis can be used in any modern warfare game. The helicopters were HUGE! 

The Miniature Painting Service

New Site!

So we set up a new page for our miniature painting service. This is because: 

- Google is ending the Picasa gallery system (where we have thousands of galleries)

- To improve our Google rank ("Figs" is unfortunately not what people Google when they want "miniature painting." 

- Squarespace gives us some nice tools to play around with. 

We're still doing business under Paintedfigs.com, but increasingly this will be our portal.