Happy Tales of Dungeons & Doggies

The bestest borks in all the land are on a mission to save the world. Here are some custom painted miniatures from Animal Adventures: Tales of Dungeons & Doggies.


You can find more pictures here.

Paintedfigs is a professional miniature painting service. We focus mainly on painting 28mm miniatures (and we also do lots of 15mm). Contact us for a quote here.  

Split-Testing in the Store!

Due to an error, I ended up with a mini painted in 2 styles for the store, rather than just one. 

I then (slower than I want to admit) realized that with the "variant" product functionality in Squarespace, I could not only sell both - but should.

I ran the idea past Lucas (shipping) and Dinuka (sales and mktng)  and the feedback was positive.  We're going to start stocking alternative color schemes of the same sculpts. 

Why is this good? 

- Variety (client wins)

- Doubles or even triples product range (painters win) 

- Takes two seconds to set up on the site (I win)

Adding new Painted DnD Store Items

D&D, or DnD? I've always written D&D, but I'm not hip. I'm not with it. If all the cool kids are writing in DnD, then how will I know? Ah yes. I will know, because Twitter... 

Adding a bunch of new D&D items. Running an painted Reaper store is more work than it seems - at least, it is when you're trying to run a painting service a the same time. 

Will be purchasing a bunch of new minis, soon. And Bones III hasn't hit yet either.